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Working with tech leader Netgear on their audio and video efforts, Jim created a podcast series for the company featuring several of their product managers as well as a daily Consumer Electronics Show (CES) podcast to keep their customers informed during the show. 

Let's Meet

We come to you to discuss what you would like to present to the world.  We will meet with your experts, explore recording room options (at your office) and get up to speed with  your product or message. We suggest creating a series (at least four podcasts).

Let's Produce

After research and pre-interviews with your experts we will write an introduction and questions that pertain to the particular subject matter. After sending over the questions we will set up a short phone call to make sure your experts are well prepared for the questions they will be asked. Then, it's show time. We come to your office with our recording equipment for the interview.

Let's Distribute

Once the podcasts have been recorded, we will go back and put it together. We will add music, sweeten the audio, and edit out those ummms and ahhhs-- and then encode it as an .mp3 file for distribution. Once ready, we can give you the file for distribution for your social media channels or we can set up a channel for you.

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The Thought and Design behind the Arlo Camera - Unknown Artist
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CES Round Up with Tech Journalist Andy Baryer - Unknown Artist
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Podcast samples selected from the series:



Breathe California: Bike Coalition/Better Air - Unknown Artist
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Breathe California, a non-profit focused on lung health issues, brought Jim on to lead their communications effort to educate the public. In order to expand Breathe's reach Jim initiated a podcast series featuring experts from within the organization but also leading voices throughout the region on lung health issues. Via a committed social media effort and reciprocal posting by featured speakers the series had over 10,000 listens over a two year period and considerably expanded the organization's reach.


Client Series

Episode #1

Movebutter's business model is based on finding small and local suppliers throughout the US, offering their customers high quality and organic food at prices far below grocery chains and delivering, at no charge, those selections fresh in their specialized delivery bags. In short, Movebutter wants to “make better food accessible and affordable to everyone”. In our initial "Raw Idea" podcast we speak with co-founder and CEO Chai Mishra to see how they will accomplish this ambitious goal.

The Raw Idea - Movebutter Online Grocery
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Episode #1

The "Raw Idea" features interviews with innovators, inventors authors, activists and others who use their raw ideas to change and impact society.

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