Your product or service may be great but the customer keeps calling about how to best use it. Jim Kerns of Raw Idea has done over seventy "how-to" videos for Logitech, Ultimeate Ears and Netgear. The videos have been viewed well over 1,000,000 times and have saved these companies substantial amounts of money by deflecting calls and reducing complaints.

We are an end-to-end solution with expert scriptwriting, voice-over, shooting and editing.

"As a product manager, it's always critical to be able to explain to customers on how to use the latest and greatest features and products to increase customer engagement. At NETGEAR, I worked with Jim Kerns to create such how-to videos that are short, easy to follow, and informative. Jim was very helpful in providing feedback, implementing suggestions, and turning the videos around at breakneck speeds. He was tireless in implementing suggested changes no matter how many iterations it took to make it perfect! He handled everything from editing our scripts, shooting, motion graphics and adding a very high-quality voice-over."

Abhay Bhorkar

Senior Product Line Manager, Netgear

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