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Some of the companies and organizations Jim has worked with:

Adobe (Software/Creative)

Logitech (Consumer Tech)

Netgear (Consumer Tech)

France Telecom Research and Development (Orange) (R&D lab)
TRX Training (Fitness Equipment)

First American Bank
Ziff Davis Media (Media company)

CheckPoint Wireless Temperature Monitoring (Hospital Monitoring)

Breathe California (Lung Health Non-Profit)

East Meets West (NGO)
Pure Moxie (Advertisitng/Branding) (Tele-Medicine)
Jeremy Sutton Gallery (Artist/Educator)

Christine Comaford (Author/Leadership Coach)


Jim Kerns is CEO and Creative Director of Raw Idea Media. He has twenty years of experience creating content for a wide variety of companies including Orange, Netgear and Logitech -- as well as numerous non-profits and startups. He is an award winning documentary filmmaker and photographer. His documentary films focusing on international socio-economic issues have been played in festivals all over the world.

He has directed regional TV commercials and his corporate "how-to" videos have been viewed well over 1,000,000 times.

In addition, he has written two plays that were produced in San Francisco at the Marsh and Exit theaters in San Francisco.
Jim has collaborated with expert videographers, designers, writers and planners over the past two decades and will be bringing those contacts and talents to our clients.


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